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WordPress Solutions

We offer the full suite of WordPress installation, maintenance, hosting, web design, custom development and managed services.

Managed Hosting Services

Managed Hosting provides all the maintenance and updates to keep your WordPress site secure. As a client, you only have to update your content. We provide services such as hosting, backups, spam protection, font licensing, plugin licensing for a fixed monthly fee. Optional additional services available include SEO and content updates.

Custom Design & Development

Professional Designers and Developers to bring your website concept to life using the popular WordPress content management system.

We can develop themes and plugins to suit your requirements.

Free Theme Option

With our managed hosting services, we can supply a free, modern, beautiful, responsive theme to get your site running in a day!

Just add a domain name, logos and text and you’re up and running.

Our free theme library has dozens of options to suit nearly any requirement.

Ad hoc Services (been hacked?)

Just need help setting up on your own hosting with standard components.

We can help!

Been hacked and need help restoring your site? We can help.